Introducing our showroom

There are so many options out there for eyewear these days! You can easily find your perfect pair and make a statement with your own unique look! We want you to look and feel your best wearing our lenses, so we're always happy to engage in discussions with our customers about what types and styles of sunglasses and glasses you want to see more of in our shop.

We take inspiration from both ongoing trends and vintage looks of the past – best of both worlds. These two easily coincide since there's been a resurgence of vintage eyewear recently. Although we love trends, we want you to love your glasses forever. This is why we take trends and simplify them a bit, adding a "classic" touch. 

Transparency is also very important to us, not only do we like to hear your thoughts and ideas, but we want to share how things work on our end by sharing a "behind-the-scenes" look on our processes!

Communication and transparency with our customers is our #1 priority. 

Here's how our glasses are made: 

  • The team brainstorms and puts together a mood board for inspiration
  • Product details and descriptions are created
  • Prototypes are made for each design
  • We work with a local factory to source our materials from
  • Raw materials are cut, assembled and polished in-house